06/07/15 we said our last goodbyes to my beautiful brave husband Paul.

The whole day was a blur . When planning Pauls funeral I decided I wanted the best of the best no less than what he deserved! He would have done exactly the same for me.

We had a horse and carriage followed by one of Pauls favourite classic American cars and a airplane above with Pauls name on.

I remember pulling up outside the church an seeing crowds and crowds of people old faces from our past can’t remember exactly who was there still to this day people comment on the turn out saying it was like a celebrity’s funeral you done him proud.

One thing that sticks in my mind was my eldest son wade. He was a pallbearer.

I was so proud of how well he held it together he even managed to get up and say a few words in the church I couldn’t have been prouder. Even though I wanted to scream and cry as I couldn’t understand why my children had to go through this they made me so proud that day so dignified they where.

We had a big celebration of Pauls life we had a band,disco,fireworks, let off lanterns it was just what Paul would have wanted. The only thing missing was Paul himself and going home that night without him was so hard. image